Happy Birthday, Oldfield Smith!

4th June 2014

It’s hard to believe that its now a full year since we opened the doors of our Uckfield office.

Starting a new business is, in so many ways, a humbling experience.  It really makes you appreciate the importance of so many things; determination, integrity, planning, professionalism, hard work and the help of friends & family.   The support we have received from our clients has been overwhelming and despite the long hours, every single day has been a genuine pleasure.

We are proud to have helped many other new business owners take their first steps and at the same time, we have also provided strategic advice to a number of well established companies looking to grow.  From our perspective, that’s a great mix of instructions and something which helps make our work varied, challenging and so enjoyable.

Our client list now includes (among many others!)  :

  • Waremoss
  • Crowson fabrics
  • Challenge Packaging
  • Uckfield Town Council
  • Chichester Caravans
  • RoadRunners Taxis
  • Ashtenne Industrial Fund
  • Hansteen
  • Lampons
  • RF Solutions
  • The Marketing Eye
  • Yes Promo Products

At Oldfield Smith we are passionate about property and passionate about providing the very best advice to our clients.  Those sentiments are at the heart of everything we do and something we will never lose sight of.

No matter how big or small your business, whether you’re looking at multi-million pound developments or renting a small store, we value your inquiry and are ready to assist.  In the meantime, our thanks to all those who have helped make this such a memorable year and Oldfield Smith such a success!