The world is a changing place and the pace of change is increasing.  At Oldfield Smith & Co our development specialists recognise the need for property to constantly adapt to meet the challenge of change and the needs of the modern business.

Tenants are becoming increasingly discerning and in the age of the internet, they are well informed about the choices available to them.  Against this background, obsolete or dilapidated properties are proving difficult to let and traditional incentives such as rent free periods are failing to redress the balance.

At Oldfield Smith & Co, we can help identify the best method of maintaining and enhancing the value of property through active management, refurbishment or redevelopment.  From basic redecoration to refurbishment, we can advise on the best way to attract high quality tenants or secure the best price on disposal.

Where more comprehensive works are required, we can provide detailed advice at the design stage, offering guidance on matters such as optimal size, layout and standard of finish.  The Directors of Oldfield Smith & Co have a wealth of experience in both marketing and the technical challenges of building projects and can bring this knowledge to each stage of the development process from the initial feasibility studies right through to the delivery of the finished product and subsequent marketing.

To make sure your property is working as hard as it can, call either Richard Oldfield or Bernard Smith and let us explore the options with you.

Adding value to client’s property through development – protecting asset value in a changing world