UAV (Drone) Surveys

Unmanned Aerial Vehicles, commonly referred to as “drones” offer a practical alternative to traditional methods of high level inspection based on ladders, scaffolding or elevating working platforms.

an aerial photo of our Uckfield office, taken by one of our drones

We have used drone surveys on many occasions in connection with schedules of dilapidation or condition but they are increasingly useful in fault finding, routine inspection and planning preventative maintenance.  Drones are particularly good for inspecting roofs, gutters and chimneys on larger buildings where “cherry pickers” may struggle to provide enough reach over the building or where there are valley gutters located some distance from the perimeter.  They can also assist where roof coverings are fragile and unable to accommodate physical access.

Oldfield Smith & Co are now able to offer drone surveys directly, using our own equipment.  We are registered operators with the Civil Aviation Authority and Bernard Smith, our Head of Professional Services, holds an A2 Certificate of Competence allowing him to fly larger UAV’s in the A2 Open category at reduced separation distances.  However our smaller drone is light enough to be flown in the A1 Open category, which greatly reduces restrictions on flight, yet still offers 4k video and high resolution still images.

As commercial operators we hold specialist aviation insurance and naturally work to the highest standards of safety.  We can offer drone surveys in most locations across the South-East, although in compliance with CAA regulations, some locations are subject to flight restrictions and may require specific consent prior to operations.

To see how we can help and to obtain a quotation, contact us on 01825 762222.