Repair and refurbishment

20130610_140846The correct and timely repair, refurbishment and redecoration of buildings is essential to preserve the value of the property.  Where a lease is in force, failure to comply with the repairing obligations can lead to costly claims for damages for either the landlord or tenant.  For freeholders, there is a statutory duty to maintain a safe working environment and there can be severe penalties for those who allow buildings to fall into a dangerous condition.

Oldfield Smith & Co can advise on all forms of repair and maintenance, from routine cyclical painting to more complex work such as re-roofing.  We can help prepare budgets for future financial planning and liaise with tenants concerning apportionment of costs.

hatOur experienced staff can prepare schedules of work, obtain competitive estimates and oversea repairs to ensure these are carried out to the highest standards.

Where properties are in need of modernisation, Oldfield Smith & Co can advise on the most effective way to increase value through the installation of facilities such as air conditioning, updated lighting, double glazing and internal fixtures and fittings.  Working closely with our agency department, we can highlight the facilities, layout and size of accommodation being actively sought by applicants and so we can ensure that capital investment is targeted in the right areas.

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