Landlord and tenant

The leasing of commercial property is a complex area which can seem daunting to both landlord and tenant.  A modern lease often runs to 50 pages or more and in addition to the myriad of covenants and clauses contained within them, there is a vast body of statutory law which applies to almost all lettings.

Oldfield Smith & Co can provide informed, professional advice on a wide variety of Landlord & Tenant issues

At Oldfield Smith & Co we have the experience to cut through these issues and assist to clarify your rights and responsibilities.  We can help with the interpretation of leases, advising on matters such as repairs, alterations and the right to assign (sell) a lease or sublet space which is surplus to requirements.

Most leases will contain provisions for the rent to be reviewed at regular intervals and Oldfield Smith & Co can provide honest, impartial advice about market values to both landlords and tenants.  Where leases have expired, we can advise on any statutory rights to renew, the steps that need to be taken to protect the clients legal position and a suitable basis for a new lease.

We pride ourselves on being able to negotiate the best possible terms for our clients, fully reflecting market conditions.  Oldfield Smith & Co have an in-depth knowledge of market transactions, demand for property and deals completed, all of which are crucial to securing the right rent.

We also provide advice and recommendations on how best to maximise our clients’ property holdings by revising lease terms, investing in improvements or re-gearing their interests.  This advice is always set out clearly and explained fully, so that our clients are informed and in control at every step of the process.

Whatever your landlord and tenant needs, ring Bernard Smith for practical, honest advice.  Initial consultations are FREE and entirely without obligation.