If you’re looking for property, either as a new venture or to expand or relocate an existing business, the acquisitions team at Oldfield Smith can help find the right premises and secure the best terms, whether on a freehold or leasehold basis.


Searching for commercial property can present a number of difficulties, particularly if you are not located in the area.  Our staff will listen carefully to your requirements, both in terms of physical attributes and budget, ensuring we fully understand your needs.  We can then help by sourcing and filtering details of suitable properties, ensuring your time is not wasted looking at sites which do not meet these criteria.

Oldfield Smith work confidentially with a number of property owners who may not yet be ready to offer their properties to the open market, but would be minded to sell if terms can be agreed.  We are also aware of opportunities that are not being widely advertised to protect goodwill or to preserve confidentiality.  By appointing us to act on your behalf to actively search for sites, you can be confident that all of the potential properties, including those not being openly offered for sale, are brought to your attention.

Where suitable opportunities have been identified, we can undertake a preliminary inspection and survey to highlight any areas of concern and factors which may affect either price or operational use.  We can also research the market to confirm whether the quoting terms are reasonable and offer guidance as to the level at which an offer should be made.

Where a property requires refurbishment or adaption to meet client’s needs, our Professional Department can offer guidance and advice as to the feasibility and cost of those works and can also assist with specifying, the appointment of contractors and project management.  Where buildings are being acquired on a leasehold basis, we can conduct a pre-lease survey to identify any disrepair and where appropriate, can also compile a Schedule of Condition so that you are not left exposed to the cost of rectifying defects already present at the commencement of the lease.

For a comprehensive, professional and positive service, call Richard Oldfield or Bernard Smith in confidence and without obligation for a FREE initial consultation.