UAV (drone) surveys now available

18th January 2021

Oldfield Smith & Co have always been a technology driven business and are pleased to announce that we have further expanded our range of services.  We are now able to offer high level surveys using our own Unmanned Aerial Vehicle, commonly called a “drone”.

an aerial photo of the Oldfield Smith & Co head office, taken with one of our drones

We have used drone surveys frequently in the past and it was a natural step for us to move to providing this service directly, using our own staff and equipment.  Bernard Smith, our Head of Professional Services, is a qualified drone pilot and is able to fly larger UAV’s at reduced separation distances whilst naturally complying with all legal requirements.  Our main drone has been selected specifically to fall within the lowest weight category and so can be safely flown with very few restrictions, getting close to roofs, gutters, chimneys and other structures which otherwise would require scaffolding or a cherry picker to inspect.

Our drones are powerful enough to capture 4k video or high resolution still images and can operate up to a height of 120 m (400 ft), thus easily accommodating the vast majority of commercial buildings in the area.  They can also capture incredible aerial photographs for marketing purposes, ensuring properties placed on the market with us are presented in the best possible light.

weighing less than 250g, our smallest drone can be flow in the A1 subcategory with very few restrictions, yet still provides 4k video and high resolution still images

With the increasing amount of dilapidations work we are engaged with, our drone will also prove invaluable in properly ascertaining the condition of high level building components, whether we are acting for a landlord and trying to ensure the building is handed back in good repair at the end of a lease or working for a tenant defending a claim against unnecessary repairs.

A significant advantage in the service we offer is that our drone pilot is an experienced Chartered Surveyor and accordingly knows which areas of a building are of concern at the time the survey is taking place.  This allows us to concentrate on those areas and ensure we have accurate and complete image data for use as evidence and in fault finding.

Naturally we operate in full compliance with all relevant legislation and as commercial operators we carry specialist aviation insurance.

For full details of how we can assist with high level surveys and a no obligation quotation, please call us on 01825 762222.