Our UAV team obtain CAA Operational Authorisation

20th May 2021

The aerial survey team at Oldfield Smith & Co have now secured an Operational Authorisation from the Civil Aviation Authority (CAA).  This is a formal permission which allows our drone pilots to complete more complex and challenging work, including the use of larger drones at reduced separation distances.


The Operational Authorisation is the accepted standard of competence for professional UAV operators and demonstrates compliance with aviation law, safety protocols and best practice.  Drone pilots operating under an Operational Authorisation such as our own Bernard Smith, need to have passed a theory test covering legislation, procedural matters, flight principles and safety matters as well as a practical flight test to demonstrate safe and accurate control of the aircraft.  Naturally we also carry compliant aviation insurance for all of the work we conduct.

Our UAV team have already completed a wide range of aerial work including roof inspections and surveys for both schedules of condition and schedules of dilapidation.  We are also able to supply aerial photography and video to assist in marketing, boundary disputes and site assessments.  Drones offer huge savings in cost, time and disruption over traditional methods of inspection, so if you need assistance with high level work, do give our team a call on 01825 762222 for a free no-obligation quotation.