Maintenance day at Oldfield Smith & Co

13th July 2021

As a technology driven business, Oldfield Smith & Co rely on our IT systems to provide outstanding service to our clients.  Our investment in technology also allows our staff to work efficiently, whether they are in the office, working remotely or even on the road.

We have the skills to install, configure and maintain our own systems and this week have been carrying out some routine repairs on our laptops.  Pictured below is one of our “workhorse” units being stripped and cleaned with a new cooling fan installed.

one of our laptops under repair in our workshop

Repairing our equipment in house makes great financial sense, but equally it allows us to make full use of the life of IT and so support our environmental aims and policies.  We never dispose of equipment that has a useable life and when operational needs require upgrade, equipment is re-purposed or recycled so that the precious metals are saved and environmental impact is minimised.

A number of our retired machines are presently contributing to distributed computer projects and we have several computers which have been running calculations in support of COVID and other medical research since the beginning of the pandemic.

For us IT is a key tool and we are proud to be at the cutting edge of the profession.  However, it will never replace our commitment to personal service and the friendly, experienced advice we give to our clients.  To see how we can help you with your commercial property needs, call our team on 0182 762222.