Drone surveys now available

12th June 2017

At Oldfield Smith & Co we have always embraced the advantages offered by modern technology and look for ways we can use this to improve efficiency and the service we provide our clients.

With the number of surveys we are completing for both dilapidation at the end of a lease or schedules of condition at the commencement, we are very pleased to now be able to offer professional drone surveys.  These give a detailed “birds eye” view of the roof and other high-level components of a building, providing both video and still images in very high resolution, at a fraction of the cost of scaffolding or cherry-pickers.

Our drone surveys are carried out independently by Skyfocal, an established specialist firm who are licenced by the CAA and fully insured for work of this nature.  They offer 4k video recording and still image cameras operating at 20 megapixels, for razor-sharp images which can be enlarged without loss of definition.   Drone surveying is quick, unobtrusive and can be carried out without interfering with normal business activities.

a selection of images from a recent survey are shown below :

*the above photos have been reduced in definition to 25% of the original quality – the original images offer significantly higher levels of detail

To see how this technology can help you, call our professional services team on 01825 76222 for a FREE informal consultation