UAV surveys – safe, efficient and cost effective

30th January 2021

Oldfield Smith & Co are continuing to develop their use of UAV (drone) survey equipment and are undertaking high level inspections using the latest technology.  We recently used drone footage in the preparation of a schedule of condition for a client moving in to a very large industrial unit, where access to the central valley gutter would have been extremely difficult with other methods.

Our drone systems offer huge advantages in terms of both safety and cost, quickly and efficiently providing data and images on roofs and other high level building components which traditionally would have required the use of either scaffolding or elevating working platforms. Our drones can assess sites with limited access and operate safely where traditional methods would be challenging, such as complex roof shapes, sites with limited vehicular access, fragile roof coverings or buildings which are structurally unstable.

We use the latest software to provide high resolution still images and 4k video. Our drones also have a party trick of producing 360 degree panorama images, such as those below which were taken above our Uckfield office.

For a free quote on a drone survey and to discuss how we can make this technology work for you, call our professional department on 01825 762222.